Join Us

  • EFT Payment (preferred) | Bendigo Bank | BSB 633108 | A/C 1128 11393
  • Use your surname as the reference
  • Email the EFT receipt to the club secretary
  • Please allow approximately two weeks for processing and you’ll be notified by email
    when your membership has been processed, and you’re permitted to ride on the club
    grounds. HRCAV cards will be posted to new HRCAV members.
  • If you have any queries, please contact the STAAR Secretary
  • The Paper forms, if you prefer can be found here
It is Mandary you give 2 contacts
STAAR membership fee (including grounds fee) – $130.00
Please leave blank if you are not a member elsewhere
All amounts are Annual Fees, unless Pro Rata is selected.
Please add $170 for full year HRCAV Insurance, or if joining from Aug 2024, 50% for half-year HRCAV insurance, plus $11 per month
EFT Payment (preferred) | Bendigo Bank | BSB 633108 | A/C 1128 11393 Use your surname as the reference
I acknowledge and agree to: 1) abide by all the St Andrews Adult Riding Club’s Inc. rules, regulations, constitution and the HRCAV Code of Conduct. 2) the conditions of membership as outlined in the HRCAV Annual Membership Disclaimer Statement and that it is a condition of my membership with St Andrews Adult Riding Club Inc. to have signed and returned a copy to the club’s secretary. 3) complete at least one arena harrowing as per the roster that is sent out at the start of every HRCAV financial year. 4) recognize it’s a requirement of membership that eight hours of unpaid assistance be provided to the club. This may be through club working bees, assisting setting up for events, assisting on the day of events, or packing up following an event. 5) acknowledge that attending a committee meeting or holding a committee position and arena harrowing do not contribute to my eight hours of unpaid assistance. 6) accept that St Andrews Adult Riding Club Inc. can invoice me if I fail to provide the minimum eight hours of assistance as per the above-mentioned Working Bee Levy and will provide immediate payment.