Welcome to STAAR!

St Andrews Adult Riding Club is a member of the Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria (HRCAV). Our grounds are shared with the St Andrews Pony Club and are located in Clintons Road Smiths Gully

We are a small, mighty but intimate club of around 30 members. Our club aims to cater for all types of riders, we have riders who join for the social aspect, riders who enjoy trail riding, and riders who like to compete in dressage and jumping events.

We have two weekend rallies per month on the 1st Sunday and the 3rd Saturday (commencing at 9am with flat & jumping).

We also run Friday rallies (every second Friday) usually commencing at 10:00am but sometimes a little earlier.

We consider ourselves to be a friendly, social group and would like to extend a warm welcome to new members.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to own a horse to join STAAR?

Nope! Absolutely not – we have non-riding memberships available, and you are more than welcome to join our social events, or spectate at rallies, events or even volunteer! A non-riding membership is perfect for getting to know the members and find out if any horses locally are available for lease or sale! Of course as soon as you find your perfect partner, if you choose, you can convert your non-riding membership to a full membership pro-rata.

2. Im already a HRCAV member elsewhere – can i join?

Absolutely! You can join STAAR as an affiliate member, which does not include HRCAV insurance, so you’ll need to give details of your current HRCAV club membership to make sure you’re covered. An affiliate membership has all the perks of full membership, or choose to attend our rallies as a HRCAV guest on a PAYG basis.

3. What level of rider do i need to be to join STAAR?

We accept any levels of rider, provided you can walk trot and canter independently, and we have a fantastic range of coaches who can teach to many abilities. We offer flatwork, jumping and XC training and have fantastic facilities on-site.

4. Do you run events?

Yes! we aim to run an annual event which may be a Showjumping day, Winter Woollies Show or a Navigation Ride – all HRCAV members are welcome so we hope to see you there!