Rally Guidelines

  • It is vital to note that being a member does not guarantee you a spot in an upcoming rally – its ‘first-in- best-dressed’ (although STAAR members will take precedence over guests of other HRCAV clubs).
  • The rally coordinator will notify members via Team App when a rally opens for bookings.
  • All rallies are capped to ensure the group sizes allow for quality instruction.
  • Under our PAYG system you must pay your rally fees by direct deposit at the time of booking. Your spot will only be guaranteed once your payment has been received in the STAAR bank account.
  • Once a booking has been made and paid for there are no refunds without a valid vet or doctor certificate. If you are unable to attend and don’t have a certificate, you do have the option to find a replacement rider, but this is your responsibility
  • Payments for rallies that are not attended do not carry over as instructors still need to be paid regardless of how many riders attend.

A Quick Summary of the Rules…

  • Keep chatting to a minimum during the lesson and listen to the instructors’ directives;
  • Keep 4 horse lengths away from the horse in front of you, and circle or cut across the arena if you’re getting too close;
  • Be mindful of new, young, green, nervous horse / rider combinations;
  • Be on time for your lesson and allow time to warm up your horse prior to start time;
  • Manure must be removed from arenas and parking areas after your lessons;
  • Jumps, poles and obstacles must be assembled and put away (back on the trailer) on the main arena before & after lessons by rally attendees or as arranged by the rally coordinator prior;
  • Please wear your medical armband at jumping rallies;
  • Water at the club is not for hosing of horses so bring a bucket and sponge to cool horses after riding;

Our Expectations…

At STAAR we like to keep the instructor / rider ratio to a minimum and cap our classes at 4 riders. It is not club etiquette to show up to a rally without advising the coordinator first.

In the event a member attends rally without notifying the rally coordinator, they will be accepted into a class only if there are less than 4 riders in the group.

The club has a responsibly to provide the safest environment we can. Horse riding has some safety elements to it and we also need to be able to access your emergency contact details in the event of an incident.
It is MANDATORY to wear a medical arm band when participating in any jumping rallies. Medical armbands are available from Hurstbridge Saddlery or contact our Uniform Coordinator. We also encourage riders never to ride alone on the grounds for safety reasons.

Rally Preparation

As part of rally preparation there are a few jobs which we roster to spread the work load amongst all the members:
• We have an annual arena raking roster that is distributed at the beginning of each HRCAV year – please keep an eye out for this in your emails. If you can’t do the date you are rostered on for, please arrange to swap dates with another member.
• Assembling jumps, poles and obstacles and packing them away is another task and you will find this on the rally class sheet issued by the coordinator. This indicates who is on duty for each rally as part of a roster system. Executing this as a group makes light work of the task so please communicate with others on duty with you to work as a team. If you are on set up duty you will need to arrive at least 15 mins earlier than normal to get the equipment out. Another very important aspect at the conclusion of rallies is to remove all manure from the arena’s, the drive, walkways and around your float. These are shared grounds and we all have a responsibility to leave them as neat as when we arrive.

Please don’t be offended if you are gently reminded by another club member that your assistance is required on the arena.

Happy riding :)